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The Link Between Oral Health and Whole-Body Health: Is It Really, “All in Your Head”?

By Blanche D. Grube, DMD, Leslie Douglas, PhD, and Anita Vazquez Tibau

“Poor oral health is a global pandemic, a fact that can no longer be ignored. It also cannot be overstated that there are many often-overlooked health problems that develop as a consequence of common dental procedures. Some of these universal treatments include root canal treatments, dental implants, nickel braces, or even extraction of wisdom teeth. Oral galvanism is a serious problem, especially when dissimilar metals such as mercury dental amalgam, along with titanium implants are placed in the oral cavity. Patients with existing/chronic health challenges should start by having a complete dental exam to rule out any of these treatments as the root cause of their problem. While treated teeth may appear “stable” on an x-ray and the patient may not be experiencing problems at the site, it is critical to examine these teeth utilizing the best technology that is currently available to see if infections, are in fact, present.”

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