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Early detection can mean a better response to treatment.

The Periodontal Red Complex is comprised of bacteria that are known to cause severe periodontal disease.

The DNA ConneXions Periodontal Health (Red Complex) Panel Test detects the presence or absence of three organisms comprising the Periodontal Red Complex: Treponema denticola, Tannerella forsythia and Porphyromonas gingivalis, and five additional organisms shown to be involved in chronic periodontitis: Campylobacter gracilis, Campylobacter rectus, Porphyromonas endodontalis, Prevotella nigrescens, and Prevotella intermedia. 

Sampling Method: Super Floss

Periodontal Health (Red Complex) Panel Test: Periodontal disease is mainly the result of infections and inflammation of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth. The bacteria that cause periodontitis can enter your bloodstream through gum tissue, possibly affecting other parts of your body. Periodontitis is linked to respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease, preterm birth and low birth weight, a number of other chronic conditions that impact cardiovascular and metabolic health and problems controlling blood sugar in diabetes.

The DNA ConneXions Periodontal Health Test can be utilized without a doctor’s order and is performed with a simple, non-invasive dental Super Floss in the comfort of your own home.

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Important Note Regarding All Tests: In order to return valid test results, it’s critical that directions are followed exactly as they are provided. Failure to do so may yield inaccurate results and a new test will have to be completed. Please be advised that the cost of a new test kit is $50. If you have questions about specimen collection on any of our tests, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us directly: 1-888-843-5832. Thank you!