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Patient Testimonial After Using the DNA ConneXions® Lyme Test Kit, “Thank you for saving my life!”

How exactly do you thank someone for saving your life?

14 years ago my Lyme nightmare began. I became deathly ill after gardening one afternoon and my arms were covered in dots and blister-like bumps. I had flu-like symptoms, became lethargic and struggled to get out of bed. I had to go on medical leave from my full-time corporate job because I couldn’t think, function or even drive.

My primary care doctor dismissed me as having some sort of infection and threw several antibiotics at me rotating them monthly as they were not easing my symptoms. I was finally referred to an Infectious Disease Dr. as my condition worsened and what I now know to be “bite marks” became more red and swollen. I was told I had “cellulitis” and sent home. I was never tested for Lyme nor was it even a consideration as I had no “bullseye rash” and lived in West Michigan where “Lyme didn’t exist.”

Months went on turning into years of misdiagnosis. I was put on cocktails of antibiotics, steroids, antidepressants, add medication and anxiety medication. I managed to get through my days over the years with these prescriptions, but I was constantly fatigued, had chronic pain, anxiety and just felt worn out all of the time. I would go back to work, get married have children, but I knew deep down something was not right.

For 14 years I saw different therapists because I was told my symptoms were “from being overwhelmed,” “a stressed out mom,” or told I just needed to cut out dairy & gluten, or told to get more exercise or “try yoga and mediation.” Nothing I did eased my symptoms and when I had major surgery 3 years ago (which I now know was most likely due to untreated Lyme) my health became to deteriorate. I spent more time in bed than not. Simple tasks like drawing a bath for my children seemed daunting. I still was assured by my primary care and other specialty doctors that “everything looked fine” and to continue seeking therapy.

The reason I’m sharing my testimonial is because in March of 2020, I saw someone online share their Lyme story. Their symptoms matched mine to a T. “What if this is what I have? What if I have Lyme Disease? Could this be the answer?”

I found a Functional Medicine doctor where I now live in Southeast Michigan and after expressing my concerns and explaining my symptoms she immediately had me test for Lyme and Co-infections using the Full Lyme Panel from DNA Connexions. A short 10 days later, I get a phone call that I will never forget. “It is not all in your head Erika, you have Lyme and several co-infections.” I broke down with tears of relief for finally knowing and tears of sadness for the years I lost to misdiagnosis. 

I am well on my way to healing and even though it’s going to be a long road, I am endlessly grateful for DNA Connexions for finally giving me answers when allopathic doctors failed me.

So thank you for saving my life! My husband and children thank you as well for giving them their mother and wife back!

-Erica B.