Don’t guess. Get the test.®

Early detection can mean a better response to treatment.


We offer five tests utilizing Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). This molecular technique amplifies human DNA in order to yield exceedingly sensitive and specific results.

Lyme disease mimics many other diseases and illness. The DNA ConneXions® Lyme Disease Test identifies four different Borrelia species and ten of its common co-infectors.  

Alzheimer’s Disease & Mercury Toxicity 

This genotypic test deter­mines an individual’s ability to detoxify mercury as well as their propensity to develop Alzheimer’s and other autoim­mune/neurological conditions. The DNA ConneXions® ApoE Test can provide insight into your genetics and help you take the steps needed to improve your health. 

The DNA ConneXions® Comprehensive Oral Test identifies foreign microbial DNA of aerobic & anaerobic bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses in dental implants, oral blood, tissue, cavitational blood, removed teeth, bone grafts and other biological samples. This test examines 88 microbes in total. 

The DNA ConneXions® Gluten Sensitivity Test can help you discover health problems and take steps to improve your diet. The presence of the genetic markers can be indicative of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and/or gluten intolerance. 

Periodontal Diseases & Other Chronic and/or Systemic Conditions

The DNA ConneXions® Propensity Test identifies 19 of the most common species not only involved in periodontal diseases, but also those microbes which have been implicated in the progression of a variety of chronic and systemic conditions.  

Don't guess. Get the test.®

Early detection can mean a better response to treatment.


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DNA ConneXions® is a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory with a CLIA license encompassing the following specialties:

Bacteriology – Mycology – Virology

Our lab offers accessible DNA testing to practitioners and individuals alike.

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