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How Finding a Lyme Spirochete in a Root-Canal Tooth Led to the Development of a New Test Panel

How Finding a Lyme Spirochete in a Root-Canal Tooth Led to the Development of a New Test Panel by Blanche D. Grube, DMD, and Leslie J. Douglas, PhD Introduction Lyme disease may have begun in a small New England village, but it is now a national, indeed global, phenomenon. In fact, Lyme has become the…
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Lyme Disease: Differentiating Between Detection and Diagnosis

Lyme Disease: Differentiating Between Detection and Diagnosisby Blanche Grube, DMD, and Leslie Douglas, PhD At the various conferences they attend throughout the year, members of the DNA Connexions team sometimes hear that the Lyme panel we offer is too sensitive. Recently, we even were told by a doctor that our test was detecting Lyme –…
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IABDM 2019 Nashville Annual Meeting on Biological Dentistry

IABDM 2019 Nashville Annual Meeting on Biological Dentistry, November 14-16 “What Does Gum Disease Have to Do with Cancer?” to be presented by Blanche Grube, DMD, MIABDM International lecturer, Dr. Blanche Grube will be presenting the latest groundbreaking research on gum disease and the cancer connection. The first two folks who reply to this post,…
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Medical Implications of Dental Mercury: A Review

by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS  “The toxicity of mercury has been known for centuries and has often been underestimated. We have yet to fully appreciate the potential relationship between illness and the body’s exposure to mercury from a variety of sources, including dental amalgams. It behooves us to be aware of these relationships when…
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Trinity Health Freedom Expo – October 26-27, 2019

TRINITY HEALTH FREEDOME EXPO – October 26-27, 2019 Dr. Blanche and her team are looking forward this fantastic health expo where they will glean insight and gather information which benefits their patients – all in the interest of natural, holistic healthcare and science. “Trinity Health Freedom Expo is about meeting the people who are making…
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Huggins-Grube Protocol Training

HUGGINS-GRUBE PROTOCOL TRAINING – JULY 19-21, 2019 July 19-21 | Houston (Spring), TX | Registrations Now Being Accepted Please join Dr. Blanche Grube as she endeavors to prepare dentists to perform the “Complete Dental Revision” following the philosophy and techniques developed by Dr. Hal Huggins. Dr. Grube is thrilled to offer this training once again…
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Newly Published

Titanium Exposure and Human Health Dr. Blanche Grube, et al, have just published a paper in Oral Science International wherein they discuss impacts of titanium on human health. Abstract Historically, titanium (Ti) has maintained the reputation of being an inert and relatively biocompatible metal, suitable for use in both medical and dental prosthesis. There are…
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International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

Advanced Biological SurgeryMarch 29 – 31, 2019Spring, Texas Instructor: Blanche Grube, DMD If you haven’t yet seen the movie Root Cause, you can be sure your patients have! They are demanding well-trained biological dentists to perform proper extractions of their root canal teeth and proper clean-out of their cavitations. This is a hands-on course with real…
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Dr Blanche grube is speaking at the IAOMT UK in london, England. She will be teaching the british practitioners all about bone pathologies and microbiomes.


DNA Connexions was a vendor The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Conferences and Exhibits Conference at the The Palazzo Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada — at The Palazzo Las Vegas.